Enhance the Craze of Bags with Different Types of Tote Bags

Tote bags are large and easy to unfasten type of bags with parallel handles emerging from both sided of the pouch. Typical types of tote bags are made of sturdy clothes or leather with thick handle straps and bottom area.


Common Types of Fabrics:

  • Fabrics that are quite are common includes especially dyed version, heavy canvas or the one resistant to moisture and rot.
  • Another generalized option for tote or reversible tote bag is Jute, considered traditional and are available in many variety and color.
  • Nylon is another important introduction in the bag segment and is common because of its easy-care synthetics. This fabric although degrades with prolonged sun-exposure, but when mixed with some other compounds serve to make the bets tote bags.

The craze of tote bags has become more defined in this recent decade and the designers are availing the bag lovers with a whole lot of option for fun and match.

  • Casual Tote Bags are designed for a casual visit and dates that ideology of every girl and guy next door. These particular bags are also available as Reversible Tote Bag, where the bags can be used both in and out and are available in illustrated designs, myriad of colors, and quirky designs. The bags are structures to hold fair amount of belongings.
  • Beach Tote Bags are spacious, large, and withstands the sand and heat curse with their simple, yet durable type of design. Colors print and design may vary vehemently, but it is seen the beach tote bags are mostly patterned in bright hues to keep the fun lively. The no compartments design makes it spacious, tending to manage all your toiletries, towels, kaftans, sunscreen, and sunglass without any hassle. We know beaches are not so clean, so be prepared to cope with the dirtied version of your tote bags!
  • Luxury Tote Bags are also available that are designed by the renowned designers and gets an impeccable look. Those are made up of different material including leathers and ornate with buckles, embellishments, tassels and compartments. Subjectively, these bags are quite sophisticated and available for any formal occasion, workplace and dinner dates. The affordable price is another plus point of these bags.


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A Complete Tutorial on Native American Indian Vest Making

Are you worried about your son’s annuals day function especially the costume? Is your son excited about his part on the stage, but you are nervous about the Indian vest costume that he needs to wear? No more worries now, all your worries will be taken care of, as you have arrived on the very correct blog.


While starting with the vest, a person needs a t-shirt of his child, butcher paper, a flannel fabric, fringed trims and laces to make an Indian Vest Costume. Below are the following steps:

Step 1: Get a t-shirt of your son to carve out a size template for the vest. Take a butcher paper and place it under the shirt and trace the general shape of a vest. Follow the marks and cut out the pattern piece. Perform the same procedure for the vest back.
Step 2: Take a plain flannel fabric of brown shade, fold it in half and also fold the pattern piece in half. Lay the patterned piece center back on the folded fabric and get the pieces cut out from the fabric. Hence, you end up with two front vest pieces and a back.

Step 3: Now place the right sides together by laying the back side and on it placing the two vest front pieces and taking care of the side and shoulder seams for further sewing process. Sew the side seams together then proceed towards the shoulder seams and turn it right side out.

For a raw Indian vest costume look leave the edges unsewn, but if you want a more finished look, sew the edges.


It is a good idea to try the vest on and check the sizing and fit, make all necessary adjustments. Add some fringed trims and laces found at any nearby craft or fabric store.
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Learn How to Patch Hole in your Pants in Just 4-Steps

Fixing patches or tears in pants is quite a hectic task, but can be done successfully with an Iron-On patch repair kit and a sewing machine as soon as possible. The following simple steps will help your fix issues of your favorite pair of pants.

If the hole doesn’t seem much noticeable from outside or inside, then it can be definitely fixed.


The easy how to patch a hole in pants steps will help you in many cases, in this the hole will be closed with an Iron-On denim patch and some sewing will secure it for a longer period. Be attentive and read the instruction on the package before using the patch. Choose matching thread and take care of the bobbin for correct inside out fixation.

Step 1: Match up the torn edges and with zig-zag stitches, seam the edges of the torn part to make it secure while ironing the patch on pants. After edges, sew on the ripped parts and don’t worry about the unmatched fabric edges, after a wash everything will be fine. All closed, it’s time to put the patch on.

Step 2: In the second step of how to patch a hole in pants, cut the patch of generous size to cover the inside out and surrounded the area. Follow the instructions on the package; remember to add the patch inside the pants. Place the fabric and patch flat as it is going to be fixed forever. Turn your pants right side out and iron the patch again. Trim the edges and threads, if any.

Step 3: On the reverse side of the pants, sew over the patch with zig-zag stitches to reinforce the patch onto its position.

Step 4: Lastly, make zig-zag stitches all around the patch. This extra reinforcement method helps them survive use and abuse of the pants and it also secures the glue and iron effect.

After such a daunting time, when you turn the pants right side out, you will be pleased with all the work done. You can try this idea out with your denim jeans too!


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How to Patch a Hole in Pants

What if there is a hole in pant? You need to get it mended as soon as possible. Next question that arises is what if it is mended and it gets undone again? The world will show numerous ways of patching a hole in pants. But the question still arises “How to patch a hole in pants” in the best way possible. Study shows that there are innumerable ways of patching a hole in pants- Temporary patching, normal sewing, sewing by a normal cotton thread, etc. The best way to patch a hole in pants is to stitch and sew it in the best way possible. Heating it with steam or iron it before and the stitch work actually helps to get it into the best shape.


Imagine you are in the middle of somewhere and your pant gets blown out or torn? It usually happens in the crotch area of the pant. Most people get it stitched somewhere and carry on with it. But little do they understand that they can’t get a lifelong benefit from it. Here comes the best way to patch a hole in the pant.

Step 1: You will need to clean up the affected area of the pants which are to be stitched. Using your scissors to clean up the affected part removes the unwanted part. Place it on an iron table and let the iron do its work of making it plain.

Materials required –

  • Iron on patch
  • Thread
  • Pants

Tools required –

  • Seam Ripper
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Sewing Machine


Step 2:

Iron your Pants- Before the start of the actual patching ironing it is the best option. Although ironing is not necessarily done but is done in order to remove the wrinkles.

Step 3:

Applying the Patch- With the patch and iron in hand follow the three simple steps –

Cut the patch to match the shape of your tear

Place the patch on the inside of your pants

Finally iron your patch to the new fabric


Step 4:

Reinforce the Patch-

To make your patch more permanent, use your sewing machine to secure the patch to the pants. Sew a single row of stitches around the entire patch. Use a zigzag stitch (if your machine has one) to sew the patch on more securely. This will also help to keep your patch from fraying.

Incredible Costume Ideas for a Western-Themed Party

Dressing up for a party with a western theme is a cinch. The key garments you will need are probably already hanging in your closet. For accessories, thrift and costume shops carry a range of options for you and your kids. Cowboy hats, 3 Tiered Skirts, chaps, neckerchiefs, bolo ties, leather belts and even boots are often available, with different colors and styles on the racks.


Here is a breakdown of some looks you can work with if you are strapped for time and cash:

Wear your hair in a well-brushed ponytail. Finish it off with a straw cowgirl hat and western-style belt buckle. Pair your denim skinny jeans with a fitted button-front shirt and a fancy jewel-embellished buckle to get that rodeo queen appeal. Take it up a notch by buying a lasso and a pair of chaps, which you can wear from the belt downward. Cowboys originally used chaps to protect themselves from sticker bushes and other elements.


Go casual with a denim miniskirt, khaki pants or 3 Tiered Skirts. Slip into a tight-fit white shirt accessorized with a black vest and bolo tie. If you want to stand out, style your hair in ringlets and apply red lipstick. You can also get a red tea towel and wear this as a neckerchief. Continue the red theme with a pair of boots in that color. Costume shops offer low-priced rubber versions, which may not be suitable for everyday use, but are good enough for a night of partying.


Dress up in a prairie skirt that is long, but no floor-length. This way, you can still show off your cowgirl boots. Pay homage to sheriffs through a western-style shirt, fringed leather pants and cowboy hat ensemble. For a more contemporary feel, add a leather jacket or Indian Vest Costume. But don’t forget the key elements: a leather badge, holster and water gun. All three you can easily purchase from a costume or toy store. Dress up your children as a country music artist, may it be McGraw, Kenny Chesney or Garth Brooks. Or take your cue from The Lone Ranger. Just have they put on kids’ cowboy hats and the rest of the look will follow.