A Complete Tutorial on Native American Indian Vest Making

Are you worried about your son’s annuals day function especially the costume? Is your son excited about his part on the stage, but you are nervous about the Indian vest costume that he needs to wear? No more worries now, all your worries will be taken care of, as you have arrived on the very correct blog.


While starting with the vest, a person needs a t-shirt of his child, butcher paper, a flannel fabric, fringed trims and laces to make an Indian Vest Costume. Below are the following steps:

Step 1: Get a t-shirt of your son to carve out a size template for the vest. Take a butcher paper and place it under the shirt and trace the general shape of a vest. Follow the marks and cut out the pattern piece. Perform the same procedure for the vest back.
Step 2: Take a plain flannel fabric of brown shade, fold it in half and also fold the pattern piece in half. Lay the patterned piece center back on the folded fabric and get the pieces cut out from the fabric. Hence, you end up with two front vest pieces and a back.

Step 3: Now place the right sides together by laying the back side and on it placing the two vest front pieces and taking care of the side and shoulder seams for further sewing process. Sew the side seams together then proceed towards the shoulder seams and turn it right side out.

For a raw Indian vest costume look leave the edges unsewn, but if you want a more finished look, sew the edges.


It is a good idea to try the vest on and check the sizing and fit, make all necessary adjustments. Add some fringed trims and laces found at any nearby craft or fabric store.
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Incredible Costume Ideas for a Western-Themed Party

Dressing up for a party with a western theme is a cinch. The key garments you will need are probably already hanging in your closet. For accessories, thrift and costume shops carry a range of options for you and your kids. Cowboy hats, 3 Tiered Skirts, chaps, neckerchiefs, bolo ties, leather belts and even boots are often available, with different colors and styles on the racks.


Here is a breakdown of some looks you can work with if you are strapped for time and cash:

Wear your hair in a well-brushed ponytail. Finish it off with a straw cowgirl hat and western-style belt buckle. Pair your denim skinny jeans with a fitted button-front shirt and a fancy jewel-embellished buckle to get that rodeo queen appeal. Take it up a notch by buying a lasso and a pair of chaps, which you can wear from the belt downward. Cowboys originally used chaps to protect themselves from sticker bushes and other elements.


Go casual with a denim miniskirt, khaki pants or 3 Tiered Skirts. Slip into a tight-fit white shirt accessorized with a black vest and bolo tie. If you want to stand out, style your hair in ringlets and apply red lipstick. You can also get a red tea towel and wear this as a neckerchief. Continue the red theme with a pair of boots in that color. Costume shops offer low-priced rubber versions, which may not be suitable for everyday use, but are good enough for a night of partying.


Dress up in a prairie skirt that is long, but no floor-length. This way, you can still show off your cowgirl boots. Pay homage to sheriffs through a western-style shirt, fringed leather pants and cowboy hat ensemble. For a more contemporary feel, add a leather jacket or Indian Vest Costume. But don’t forget the key elements: a leather badge, holster and water gun. All three you can easily purchase from a costume or toy store. Dress up your children as a country music artist, may it be McGraw, Kenny Chesney or Garth Brooks. Or take your cue from The Lone Ranger. Just have they put on kids’ cowboy hats and the rest of the look will follow.