Enhance the Craze of Bags with Different Types of Tote Bags

Tote bags are large and easy to unfasten type of bags with parallel handles emerging from both sided of the pouch. Typical types of tote bags are made of sturdy clothes or leather with thick handle straps and bottom area.


Common Types of Fabrics:

  • Fabrics that are quite are common includes especially dyed version, heavy canvas or the one resistant to moisture and rot.
  • Another generalized option for tote or reversible tote bag is Jute, considered traditional and are available in many variety and color.
  • Nylon is another important introduction in the bag segment and is common because of its easy-care synthetics. This fabric although degrades with prolonged sun-exposure, but when mixed with some other compounds serve to make the bets tote bags.

The craze of tote bags has become more defined in this recent decade and the designers are availing the bag lovers with a whole lot of option for fun and match.

  • Casual Tote Bags are designed for a casual visit and dates that ideology of every girl and guy next door. These particular bags are also available as Reversible Tote Bag, where the bags can be used both in and out and are available in illustrated designs, myriad of colors, and quirky designs. The bags are structures to hold fair amount of belongings.
  • Beach Tote Bags are spacious, large, and withstands the sand and heat curse with their simple, yet durable type of design. Colors print and design may vary vehemently, but it is seen the beach tote bags are mostly patterned in bright hues to keep the fun lively. The no compartments design makes it spacious, tending to manage all your toiletries, towels, kaftans, sunscreen, and sunglass without any hassle. We know beaches are not so clean, so be prepared to cope with the dirtied version of your tote bags!
  • Luxury Tote Bags are also available that are designed by the renowned designers and gets an impeccable look. Those are made up of different material including leathers and ornate with buckles, embellishments, tassels and compartments. Subjectively, these bags are quite sophisticated and available for any formal occasion, workplace and dinner dates. The affordable price is another plus point of these bags.


Do you have a tote bag? If the answer is NO, then follow the link http://noelleodesigns.com/tutorials/reversible-tote-bag/ and make one for yourself and just love it!

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