Learn How to Patch Hole in your Pants in Just 4-Steps

Fixing patches or tears in pants is quite a hectic task, but can be done successfully with an Iron-On patch repair kit and a sewing machine as soon as possible. The following simple steps will help your fix issues of your favorite pair of pants.

If the hole doesn’t seem much noticeable from outside or inside, then it can be definitely fixed.


The easy how to patch a hole in pants steps will help you in many cases, in this the hole will be closed with an Iron-On denim patch and some sewing will secure it for a longer period. Be attentive and read the instruction on the package before using the patch. Choose matching thread and take care of the bobbin for correct inside out fixation.

Step 1: Match up the torn edges and with zig-zag stitches, seam the edges of the torn part to make it secure while ironing the patch on pants. After edges, sew on the ripped parts and don’t worry about the unmatched fabric edges, after a wash everything will be fine. All closed, it’s time to put the patch on.

Step 2: In the second step of how to patch a hole in pants, cut the patch of generous size to cover the inside out and surrounded the area. Follow the instructions on the package; remember to add the patch inside the pants. Place the fabric and patch flat as it is going to be fixed forever. Turn your pants right side out and iron the patch again. Trim the edges and threads, if any.

Step 3: On the reverse side of the pants, sew over the patch with zig-zag stitches to reinforce the patch onto its position.

Step 4: Lastly, make zig-zag stitches all around the patch. This extra reinforcement method helps them survive use and abuse of the pants and it also secures the glue and iron effect.

After such a daunting time, when you turn the pants right side out, you will be pleased with all the work done. You can try this idea out with your denim jeans too!


Other than this, you can also learn how to add sleeves to a dress, patch hole in clothing, make banners, headband and many more things. So, keep on peeking to Noelle O. Designs for more creativity.

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